Janet Brink Photography Prices

Thank you for your interest....I am a Model and Photographer....so I have a good eye for details, and will help in every way to make you photographs a work of art.

I do mostly photo backgrounds at my location, or lovely sites in SL, I have a variety of sites to use. I can, and will use green screen for multiple poses on a single picture for ads. I want to create the image around you, with backgrounds and maybe a prop.
If you are interested in making an appointment, please fill out the detail, rename the note with you name after the word 'List". that way I will be abe to keep track of my appointments and will reply with a confirmation. Please return the card to Janet Brink, and we will discuss your needs.

SL Name:

Preferred Date of Appointment:

Preferred Time of Appoinment:

Style of outfits:

Theme you would like to portray: ( glamour, high fashion, grunge, etc)

What is the picture going to be used for, please list any requirements:

Favorite Color:

Anything else you want to mention:


1 image 500L
3 images 1200L
5 images 2000L
10 images 3500L


A couple/group picture consists of two people.
100L extra per person.

1 image 600L
3 images 1750L
5 images 2500L
10 images 4500L


Two way shot (Two images into one photo) - 750L
Three way shot (Three images into one photo) - 875L
Four way shot (Four images into one photo) - 1000L
Please Check with me for a large contract price for your displays

Thank you
Janet Brink